Month: January 2022

Paint, Painting, Painter and Painted

This title about sums up my week! I hope you have all had a great Christmas and New year! It’s only January 5th but I think I have seen more paint in the last 5 days than I have in the last decade. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. I did use 16 gallons of paint to paint the entire cabin by hand a few years ago. That was ah-lot. Especially as it took me about 5 weeks to complete. Walking up and down a 20ft ladder, battling wasps and other North Carolinian flying insects and camouflaging frogs… it delayed progress… The insects here are pretty Jurassic…. and stingy….

Little Percy has grown!

I have been very busy and productive this week. Again, i’ve been putting off admin and other vital paperwork… more to come on that at a later date…. but i’ve been trying to get on top of some DIY’s as well as helping my best friend get his new office redecorated! I also made Percy a new wardrobe for his growing collection of collars and sweaters! Needless to say he loves it! Check out the closet remodel on his Instagram @perseus_the_kat. There is also a cute video of him having fun in the closet!

I have to say, it’s been a bit of a blue week. Not because I have been feeling blue, but because most of my projects have been BLUE!

I created a theatre room in one of the spare rooms down stairs…. and talking about stairs…. I repainted the stairs in the cabin. We have since been enjoying several classic and new movies in there! When I say “we” I mostly mean the animals and I. Not so much the ducks and chickens. They probably would honk and cluck throughout the entire movie but would certainly enjoy the popcorn more than the cat.

I also made a piece of artwork for my friend’s new office, which was also blue! Took some inspiration from Etsy and made a dash to hobby Lobby to take advantage of their half price canvases this week!

You may wonder why I chose to talk about painting and redecorating this week. Well, I feel it has a lot to do with my creative side but it also has a lot to do with trying to get things done whilst owning pets.

I am not sure whether you have tried redecorating while owning pets, but I am telling you it’s a struggle!!!! Between repainting steps, after little mischievous cats (who we shall not name) have trodden through them and pulling out pet hair from freshly rolled walls, it was a nightmare. Try taping baseboards with a naughty kitten attacking the painters tape or having to shut the dogs out while you are painting a wall, I’m telling you it’s like having toddlers. Or at least that’s what I imagine it to be like!!!

I had just got done with painting the white stripe down the side of the steps so I went to make a cup of tea to quench my parched throat. I turned around to find 11 white foot prints in the hallway. Yes, you guessed it, Percy had walked straight through the white paint and made a beeline straight down the hallway! His little front feet were coated perfectly in white paint so he got a bath in the laundry room sink.

I also had to lock Perseus away whilst I was painting my friend’s artwork. He was a nightmare! He was stealing my paint brushes, paper towels and kept jumping on the table. I found myself screaming “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” a lot! It does seem like the second I start doing anything, he becomes “Curious George”. It is humorous but after a while it makes any task difficult.

SO getting back to my projects this week. I have had boarders to occupy in between but I have got a lot accomplished!

My friend chose an elegant art deco blue and gold theme for his new office. It’s very 1920’s but with a modern twist I think. The wall paper definitely gives it a wow factor!

Teaching my best friend Shawn to edge and roll whilst redecorating his new office space! haha

Check out the gallery of blue works and DIY projects this week! when I look at the photos in the gallery, i’m not sure how I get so much accomplished in such a short space of time. I don’t think I have an off switch sometimes.

Any who, now that projects have slowed down, i will have more time to write about some other exciting things on the farm. Little Percy has grow a lot over the last month and i’m not just talking about his size. His personality has become very BIG too!!!!

I look forward to telling you more stories about him over Christmas next week as well as uploading the final pictures of the finished office and theatre room!!!!

The first of my Mug collection!

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