Sometimes it’s very easy for me to forget to take a moment to pamper myself. I am always working, taking care of the farm, the house and the dogs! I try my best to take care of myself! So occasionally I will get my hair done or my nails. It is really a good opportunity to relax and feel refreshed! However, I will admit the past few months have been nuts so my feet, especially, have been neglected! I booked an appointment at my new local nail salon but this time I roped my best friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, into coming with me!!!!

Why do men have such a stigma over pedicures? Do they not think their feet are ugly too and need some TLC? There is nothing worse than a guy who wears Jesus sandals but add in some ugly hang nails and enough heel calluses to pave Rome, then no wonder there are so many singletons on Tinder today!! GUYS! Take care of your feet!!!!!

Now my buddy, let’s call him “Morty” (named after his favorite cartoon) has pretty nice feet as it goes. HOWEVER, I was shocked to find out that he’d never had a pedicure in his life! Shocked by learning this, I enrolled him into a pedi-mani combo!

He wasn’t sure, but he had no choice. He chose a very fancy package, “The Voesh” which included the expected cuticle and callus removing etc but also a very extensive leg massage, mud wraps, hot towels and an aromatic lavender soak and exfoliation!

The initial “foot shaving” freaked him out a little. He was pretty ticklish. Laughing and almost knocking the poor pedicurist out with his knee jerk reactions…. twas pretty comical, but i’m almost certain he lost half an inch in height after she was done filing his heels! once the exfoliation scrub was applied however, he began to relax and I started hearing the groans of enjoyment!

Now, feeling very relaxed after he had his feet rubbed and his legs massaged, we moved over to the nail bar where another gave him a manicure! And boy did he need it! A quick and painless experience, he even had his nails buffed out! He was very impressed with how shiny his nails were! I don’t care what you do guys, construction, surgery, IT or waiting tables, please take care of your cuticles!!!

Morty totally loved the female attention (although he will deny that to me haha) but I know it felt good to chill and be pampered! I think I may have convinced him to do it more often!!

I hope this post serves as a reminder for you guys to take care of yourselves! Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be ashamed and don’t feel silly! You deserve pampering too! Like I said, pretty feet get more right swipes!!!! Have you seen some of the “only fans” profiles!! $$$$$