7 feet tall with red glowing eyes

In the UK he is known as the Owl man and in the USA, something similar has been called the Moth man. Rumor has it that he appears as a warning when something bad is about to happen. The most famous sighting of the Moth man was just before the Point Pleasant bridge collapsed. Since then Point Pleasant holds a Moth Man convention every year. Trust me, after coming into very close contact with something I feel is the same or similar creature, I do not think I want to ever see him again.

When I was a teenager, my best friend and I would walk home from the bus after school and go to either my house or hers and just hang out, doing teenage things. I remember it was a beautiful summers afternoon and Lil and I had climbed up on top of the garden shed at the bottom of my garden. My garden backed onto a wooded area and a rail way track. We would often sit on the roof of the shed and wave at the passengers going by on the train. We’d sit up there and eat sweets (candy) and talk about school and our friends and who was dating who.

View of my garden growing up. The sheds were at the bottom of the garden, around 300ft from the house.

As we were talking and giggling, a huge black blurry shadow flew past us and I distinctly remember the gust of wind pushing me backwards. We both looked at one another and sat there a little confused at what just flew past us. It was not uncommon to see crows or magpies in the garden but I remember thinking to myself, would a crow cause such a big gust of wind?

We sat there for a moment a little confused but then shrugged our shoulders and continued with our gossip. As I sat there with my friend to my left, I turned my head to look at her and in the corner of my eye, I saw a black figure below us, in my next door neighbors garden.
I turned my head and as my eyes focused I said in shock “What the hell is that?!”. A tall black figure with the head of an owl, pointy ears, and red glowing eyes, stood there staring at me. He had no emotion upon his face, but the red eyes just stared through me. His wings were draped over his body and he stood there motionless for a few seconds. Lil turned her head quickly and looked over towards him. The moment she turned her head, he opened his wings and shot up into the sky and disappeared. His wing span was as wide as his body tall. As he shot up I recall seeing his two toed, claw like feet dangling below him. He made no sound. He had no personality, he just created an eerie feeling around us. What had we just seen?

We were both very shaken up, we scarpered off of the roof and climbed off the shed. We ran as quickly as we could to the house. To this day my friend doesn’t want to talk about it. We were both very shaken up.

Did this creature show up for a reason? Was it watching us for sometime? I’ll never know. I cannot help but wonder if visited us as an omen. I have had so many weird experiences since that day. It seemed every house I have lived in, barring one, has had some kind of spirit attached to it. My last house in the UK had an unhappy spirit living there. He would lock me out the house or throw Pastaroni boxes across the kitchen counter. Could all of this possibly be linked to that weird encounter back in 2003?

After that day I didn’t want to go into my garden alone. As most memories from teenage years do, that day faded from my mind until one day I was watching a sci fi documentary and a photo of the Point Pleasant moth man flashed on to my screen… is this the same thing I had seen? Of course I began researching and found so many photos, stories and myths. I wasn’t alone.

Since, I have been seeking answers, unsure if I will ever find out what it was that I saw that day. I wonder how many others have seen this creature? Or what it may mean!? I can assure you though, that I never want to see it again!