“We are Furmily, I got all the critters with me!”

Right to left: Julian, Becky J and Evie

Some of the inspiration behind my stories, relies heavily on my collection of critters.

Three dogs, a kitten, 3 ducks and 5 chickens, all share my home and hard earned money.

Some days I wake up and think to myself – it would be so nice to not wake up to a 43lb Great Pyrenees chow chow mix, jumping on my chest like she is hunting rodents in the snow like an artic fox. I open my eyes to her big floppy face glancing over me (in very close proximity) and realize that I am needed, I am wanted and my life has a purpose! That purpose may be very monotonous and consist mainly of feeding, vacuuming, picking up poop and attending vet appointments but it’s a purpose in its own right! The unconditional love I get from “most” of them (not so much the chickens) is priceless.


It was at a young age that I discovered a love for animals. In fact, my favorite hymn as a child was “All creatures great and small”. O.k, I’ll admit I think that maybe the only hymn I know or remember but none the less, I loved them no matter how great or how small they may be!

I remember Sunday evenings consisted of one of Mum’s Sandwich buffets and being called down to watch David Attenborough’s wildlife programs on BBC1. That was often closely followed by the “Antiques roadshow” but I often made an escape from the living room once I heard the introductory music! BORING! Although now I find myself wandering around antique shops looking for interesting items that smell of my Grandparents closet.


I remember being fascinated by the vast array of species, colors (there goes that spell check again, telling me to remove the “U” from “colour”) sounds and habitats of the animals. Needless to say it was my passion! My Grandad would often take me to London for the day on the train to visit the museum of Natural History. There I would wander through Darwin’s collections of creatures and insects and notations. As a child this was fascinating to me!

I don’t think I have ever experienced a time without owning a pet. I am sure many of you can agree that the house is too quiet without the pitter patter of feet running down the hallway, or the infamous sound of someone rustling in a cupboard they shouldn’t be! They definitely keep you on your toes!

The three Ladies

So as I settle into the log cabin, (where most people would be saving up for a cruise or planning a family) I find myself building a home and a “furmily” of misfits and missed messes!

I’d like to introduce you to the pack this week and give you a little insight into their background as I am sure I will have many stories about them over the coming months!

Oh and I also I have a special fun announcement coming soon!


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