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I’m so glad you stopped by to visit my page! I created this site with the sole intention of sharing everything mutt, everything British and everything Bex! “Bex? Who or what is Bex?!” you say. Well, i’m Bex and every Tuesday and Friday I dedicate to letting you dive a little more into my wild life. A British born, green card holder, business owner, dog groomer, “pet expert” karaoke super star, living the “American dream” in the south with far too many comical and extraordinary stories going to waste at my local Irish pub.

If you like dogs, nature, TRUE supernatural experiences (Ancient Astronaut theorists say yes!!!!) , travel, international relocation or just plain hilarious stories that you would not believe, you have come to the right place! I hope through this blog, you will come to know me a little better and maybe my stories, recommendations and my journey will make you smile, inspire you or maybe just help you fall asleep quicker at night! Who knows? I guess we’ll find out!

In the wilderness

About me:

I was born in 1989 to a typical working class family in the southern suburbs of London, England. I spent the first 24 years of my life wandering the streets of London, visiting museums, becoming enthralled in the history and natural world, enjoying the theater and nightlife that that mysterious city had to offer but do you know what the best thing about growing up in London is? Public transport! I didn’t drive a car until I was twenty one years old. Now, I did at one point own a Piaggo 125cc City fly scooter, which at the time I thought I was the coolest red head on wheels, however, with access to ample trains, buses, trams and coach connections around the country, you could get just about anywhere! Those trains sent me to so many amazing places. I cannot wait to share them with you! Maybe I will help give you some unique travel destination ideas for the next time you want to visit the British Isles.

Growing up in the U.K as a red head, (and a very bright red head at that) my school memories aren’t the most pleasant as I was often bullied (more stories to tell later). It was during my school years that I realized I had no patience for humans. I began forming a very harmonious relationship with animals but one animal in particular- dogs! My whole life since, has been surrounded by dogs. After all they are mans best friend for a reason! With my bias towards animals, I decided to go into the dog grooming industry so that I could have an outlet for my love and appreciation of dogs. I also wanted to be able to have some creative freedom and an outlet. I did not realize how much I would learn about dogs, pet care, relationships, love, life and nurture from that one career decision. It opened up so many avenues for me. I intend on sharing so many of those tips, experiences and adventures with you!

I am sure you want to ask the question everyone asks me at our first meeting? “What brought you to America?”. Well let’s just say a very young and naive marriage, that did not go very well! But, if there is anything that those school years truly taught me, it would be perseverance and resilience! There is always a silver lining to every difficult endeavor and always a light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how long they may seem! So here I am, 5 years into owning my own Dog grooming and pet care business, living in a log cabin on 2.5 acres, in the middle of a quaint southern town named “Waxhaw”. Here I am surrounded by woods, wild animals, ducks, chickens, dogs and a ghost named “Emily”(Definite more stories about her later!) .

I look forward to sharing with you, but also cannot wait to invite you, first class as a passenger on my journey and all the chaos and fun that goes along with it. So buckle up, relax and sit back and enjoy the inflight entertainment!


  1. Audrey McGlashan

    I have been in the USA for 28 years and get many of the questions you mention!
    Also came from the “Home Counties” – Kent and Sussex.
    Looking forward to your posts!!!

    • bex

      I look forward to having you!!!

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